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Spiritual Cleansing Bath - Uncrossing Bath

Spiritual Cleansing Bath - Uncrossing Bath

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Hyssop and Holy thistle blended in epsom salts and essential oils to provide a cleansing spiritual bath. Many practitioners bathe in hyssop to remove bad energy or energy associated with a darker style magical ritual. Scent: patchouli and nag champa (lightly scented)

holographic pouch of bath salt in 4 x 6 inch size weighs about 2.5 ounces.

How to use your Blessing Bath:
Timing: traditionally performed before dawn, dissolve the Blessing bath in warm water. Save some salt if you wish to perform a house hex breaking and add to house cleansing water for the floors, window sills, and door frames. Recite the 37th Psalm for jinx-breaking, 51st Psalm for purification.

OR to perform a ritual bath:
Draw a warm bath and pour in your bath salts. Light candles and refrain from using electric light. You can add all the salts at once or stretch out the use by adding 1-2 tablespoons over the stretch of a few days. During the bath say your prayers, incantations, and meditate on your intention. I recommend always burning a corresponding incense to the bath you are taking and lighting candles in the corresponding color. If you do not wish to add the blend directly to your bath, add them to a muslin bag and attach it to the faucet or to the shower head if you use during a shower. Allow the water to run through the bag and wash over you.


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