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Mystery Spell Kit

Mystery Spell Kit

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This listing is for a surprise witchcraft ritual/spell kit. Choose your intention and I will choose a spell at random that fits within that intention, or choose "surprise me" for any spell. If you have spells you don't like to do such as love or money, leave that message in the order notes.

How does this kit differ from the mystery boxes? While the spells are chosen at random, the items are cohesive and meant to work together for a particular spell (not necessarily just a particular intent). Mystery boxes are selected by random or by intention buyers chose, but the items included are eclectic and may not necessarily be meant to be used together. This is for buyers who want a cohesive spell package based on an intent, and not just items that are related to an intent.

Most spell kits come with oils, herbs, candles, sometimes other items, and of course instructions, but these all differ in complexity and required items depending on the actual spell. I do not offer candle holders or matches/lighters, so please be prepared for that.

Spell intentions include:
Love (Romantic)
Self Love/Improvement (Self Care, Kicking habits)
Career or Job Seeking
House Blessing / Protection
Protection (can be spiritual protection, binding, or others)
Psychic & divination (openings, blockage removal, etc)
Breaking hex or curses or bad luck (undo crossed conditions)
Spells to harm (cursing, crossing, binding, revenge)
Stress and sleep
Healing (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually)
Random ---> May or may not be available as time goes on. Want to make sure people are working with intents they are comfortable with.

Packaging for spells vary by type.

Made with Love and Intention.
Just Light, Love, & Release.


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