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Hex Break Spell Jar -Banish Negativity

Hex Break Spell Jar -Banish Negativity

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This listing is a for a spell jar kit for breaking curses, hexes, and jinxes. It has been updated for ease of use and consistency. Uncrossing is the hoodoo term for removing something blocking you from showing up as your highest self. Maybe someone sent negativity your way, or hexed or cursed you, evil eye, accidental envious energy, etc. If you have been just feeling unusually drained and unsuccessful without reason it may be the work of a hex (intentional or not).

I recommend following up this spell with a blessing bath to remove any residual energy  

Intention: undoing hexes/jinxes/curses, breaking up negative energy

Ideal moon phase: full, new, waning

Day of the Week: Saturday


Ideal moon phases and days of the week for your magical practice are just based on correspondences with your intentions. They are "ideal" not required. Do what is best for you always, and when you have the time and energy to work magic for yourself, jump on it!


Tips for the spell: place candles in a fire proof holder on a fireproof surface and burn within sight. If you do not have spell candle holders, I recommend a fire safe bowl, filled with salt and candles secured within it. Allow space around the candles and between the candles to allow a safe space for the burned cord to land if necessary. Salt will help neutralize the flame.
Burn any remaining herbs on charcoals or add to muslin cloth bags and brew intention charged waters to be added to baths or sprinkled around the premises.


Kit Includes: (items vary slightly based on the kit chosen)

  • 1 black spell candle
  • ritual herb blend
  • ritual oil
  • incense
  • Jar
  •  banishing gemstone chips (varies)
  •  black salt
  • spell instructions

We are not responsible for the use of these spell kits. Exercise caution and use your own judgment. Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from flammables. Burn within sight and extinguish when necessary.     *NOTE: adding herbs to candles will increase the flammability. Burn within site, on a fire safe surface or in the candle holder, and keep an eye on the flame. It is normal for herbs to burn along with the candle, but hand responsibly and use your own discretion. I am not responsible for the burning or use of these candles in any way.


Intellectual Property of Lucid And Wild. All rights reserved.


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