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Hex Break Banish Negativity Bath

Hex Break Banish Negativity Bath

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This hex breaking bath contains a powerful blend of bay leaf, rosemary, and hyssop, along with essential oils such as clove, vetiver, vanilla. These bath salts can remove energy blocks and negative energy, bad luck, jinxes, curses, and hexes. When used routinely and regularly it can create a balance in your magical practice.

How to perform a ritual bath:
Draw a warm bath and pour in your bath salts. Light candles and refrain from using electric light. You can add all the salts at once or stretch out the use by adding 1-2 tablespoons over the stretch of a few days. During the bath say your prayers, incantations, and meditate on your intention. I recommend always burning a corresponding incense to the bath you are taking and lighting candles in the corresponding color. If you do not wish to add the blend directly to your bath, add them to a muslin bag and attach it to the faucet or to the shower head if you use during a shower. Allow the water to run through the bag and wash over you.

Soak, cleanse, release.

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