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Enchantress Ritual Bath Salt - Goddess Energy

Enchantress Ritual Bath Salt - Goddess Energy

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Ritual baths are a great way to cleanse and release negative energy in the body. This particular bath salt is made with the intention to honor the dark femininity in us all. The one that says what you are thinking, resolves your emotions for you, stands her ground, and does what is in alignment with her desires/beliefs/and rhythm.

4 x 6 inch size weighs about 2.5 ounces. (about 5 oz volume)
1lb bags are measured by weight not volume.

🦋 Scent profile: divine blend of charming vanilla, amber essence, and resin woods. Contains floral blends of calendula, roses, orange peel, jasmine, and cornflower, in a blend of epsom and mica.

I suggest for this bath you set up the space in a way that brings out the feminine side of you. Whether thats fluffy and cute, or grunge and goth. The part of you that you show less often to others is the energy you want to meditate on. How you can you find a way to merge what you are inside with who you are outside?

to perform a ritual bath:
Draw a warm bath and pour in your bath salts. Light candles and refrain from using electric light. You can add all the salts at once or stretch out the use by adding 1-2 tablespoons over the stretch of a few days. During the bath say your prayers, incantations, and meditate on your intention. I recommend always burning a corresponding incense to the bath you are taking and lighting candles in the corresponding color. If you do not wish to add the blend directly to your bath, add them to a muslin bag and attach it to the faucet or to the shower head if you use during a shower. Allow the water to run through the bag and wash over you.

Soak, cleanse, release.

NOTE: if you experience staining its probably due to some invisible soap residue in your bath tub. Bleach/water combo should remove any staining. Thanks!

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