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Mini 25ml Florida Water (Spiritual Cologne)

Mini 25ml Florida Water (Spiritual Cologne)

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Mini bottles of florida water. These bottles are plastic to reduce chance of breakage during shipment. Please do not consume or digest any part of this product. It is not a water you drink, but a spiritual water used to cleanse or as a "protective/cleansing" cologne. Has floral/spice/citrus scent to it. Florals in the cologne lose their natural color after being infused in the alcohol. Adults 21+ can purchase only.  Again do not consume this.

How to use:
Cleansing/blessing sacred spaces, items, altars, people. Use to anoint your windows and doorways to offer protection, blessings, luck, and prosperity to all in the sacred space. Add to cleansing washes for floors and other cleaners for a spiritual cleanse. You can add a few drops to spiritual baths to get rid of negative energy that may be lingering and offer protection to yourself. I like to add a few drops to a cloth or towel and wipe down my altar and working spaces for magical practices before I begin any ritual or spell work. Some people use it as a cologne or body re-freshener, or aftershave.

Dimensions:  Plastic Bottle; Each bottle measures 8cm (3.15 inches) in height and can hold up to 25ml (0.85 fl oz)
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