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Cleansing Ritual Oil - Cleanse, Consecrate, protect spaces

Cleansing Ritual Oil - Cleanse, Consecrate, protect spaces

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Cleansing ritual oil to cleanse spaces, tools, and things of negative and harmful energy and spirits, freshen a room, banish people/spirits, consecrate, open up new paths with the cleansing and clearing of old paths, and declutter the mind.


cleanse, purify, protect


eucalyptus, rosemary, dried citrus, juniper, sage *Oil bases can contain a blend of multiple oils such as Almond, Coconut, Avocado, Jojoba, Sunflower, and Olive.


Dress candles, add to ritual baths, wax warmers, mojo bags, anoint amulets/charms, add to spell jars consecrate tools. You can add a few drops to your cleansing water, or warm water and use as a floor wash, or wash your baseboards/walls to rid of negative and malevolent energy. Add a few drops to windowsills for cleansing and protection. You can also add oils to mojo bags or sachets meant to rid a space of bad energy and bless it with benevolence.

Recommended spell candle colors:

black, white

Quick Affirmations:

I am grounded, at peace, and secure.

I am safe and supported.

My mind, body, and spirit are rooted and at peace.

I am aligned to my higher purpose.

You can use these oils as perfume blends, anointing aids when you are "tapping" or affirming daily. Dress your candles, your bath water, your spell jars. You can simply wear it because you like it or use it with magical spells and rites that match the intent. You may also add it to a wax warmer to diffuse the scent and set the MOOD.

My oils are artfully and thoughtfully crafted to improve aspects of your life with it's daily use. In general, scented oil and floral waters have been used for many years to anoint the body, as offerings to deities or spirits, and many more uses. The sense of smell is a powerful way to draw out emotions, memory, capture attention, and leave little notes of your intention where you place it. Each oil in my shop contains herbs, scents, roots, minerals, and oils that lend themselves to your intention. See the guide below for the spiritual inspiration behind this oil. The essence of ritual oils is to use them in a way that reminds you of what your desires are. Scent is one of the few things you can take with you anywhere.

• 5ml, 10ml, or 2oz spray bottles (will not contain mica color or be packed with herbs for ease of use -SHAKE BEFORE EACH USE)
• 10ml glass rollerball bottle - color may not be used to prevent clogging the roller.
• 1/8 oz (2 dram) size glass vials
• 2 oz glass dropper bottles
• 4oz glass dropper bottles

Please remember to store your bottle in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.Use within 6 months.

Products are sold as curio items only. Intellectual Property of Lucid And Wild (previously Hedge And Hag Emporium). All rights reserved.


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