"Nobody hustles harder than a woman who doesn't like asking for anything."

I started this shop as a way to make a living for my daughters and I. I found I had a gift for making beautiful things with my hands. Things that made me, but most importantly, other people feel confidence and better in ways I could have never imagined. I put my all into the things I craft, and I search, study, and ponder long and hard before I introduce things to my shop. I want, no NEED, them to be quality. While many of the items may appeal to a niche group of people, I want everyone to feel comfortable shopping here. Some items are simply meant to be used as is, while others are incorporated in a spiritual way. The difference the products make is 100% on the user. You want a body oil, use it as a body oil. You want a magic oil, add your intent. Roses are just roses, how they are made into "more" is up to you. But no matter your path, or your needs, know that you will be receiving quality goods from someone who takes the perspective of the buyer into heavy consideration.♥

here are so many people offering similar things online now, and I know we are all just trying to find our place in the world, but I hope you consider my shop. I can't speak for everyone else, but I take extra steps to ensure cleanliness, safety, quality, and happiness in the items I sell. Always authentic, always HONEST. I am open to constructive comments and I change what I can and need to accordingly. I hope this feels like shopping with a friend.

 I am a proud multiracial POC. My roots are Nigerian (Benin & Togo - the home of Voodoo), as well as German, Scottish, Irish, & Welsh.