Our Thoughts Create Our Reality.

photograph of the owner of lucidandwild

I found my spirituality in one of the darkest periods of my life. Learning to reprogram the way I saw my situations, myself, and other people literally changed my life. In the process of searching for my spiritual path, I found I had a gift for making my own blends and tools. Things that made me, but most importantly, other people feel confident and better in ways I could have never imagined. I put my all into the things I make. I search, study, and consider things long and hard before I introduce things to my shop. I want them to be quality.

While many of the items may appeal to a niche group of people, you don't have to be a witch, religious, or against religion to use them. My items were made with the intention of regaining stability, self love, and reprogramming damaging thought patterns. I am a mental health advocate. I have a passion for reminding others that they are both worthy and capable of having the life, mindset, and love that they desire. Incorporate inner work into your daily practice and truly reach your potential. Your beliefs create your reality.

Unapologetically taking up space and reminding you that you can too. I hope this feels like shopping with a friend.

 I am a proud multiracial POC. My roots are Nigerian (Benin & Togo - the home of Voodoo), as well as German, Scottish, Irish, & Welsh.