Wicca Wheel of the Year Sabbat Reference guide. Classification: Major Sabbat

💎Fact: Samhain is actually pronounced “sow-in” although this varies in different locations. Just know it is DEFINITELY not pronounced as “Sam-hane“.

Celebrated: October 31, November 1 (depends on preference/tradition)

Also Known As: Hallowmas, All Hallows Eve, Feast of the Dead, Ancestor Night

: Sun @ 15º Scorpio

Symbolism Guide:

Deities: Our goddess is in mourning of the fallen Sun God. His energy has been cast down into the Earth, where crops and nature can benefit from his sacrifice. Samhain is an honor of the departed Sun God, and the Goddess readies herself for his rebirth. (This myth varies from tradition to tradition, but this is the version I am familiar with.)

Other Notes: This Sabbat may be considered a New Year for many Wiccans, as December 31st is considered the end of the year for most. Other Wiccan traditions may follow that Yule is actually the beginning of a new year, so follow what you feel is best.

In general you may notice that most Wiccans share the notion that Samhain is a night to honor our ancestors. Many will perform ancestor rituals on this night, and offerings. Others may try to contact the spirits of those that have passed, since it is a common belief that the veil between life and death is it’s thinnest at this time of the year. Some Wiccans, however, choose to stay away from contacting spirits for various reasons. Also, it is commonly accepted that this is the time of the year to honor the harvest and simplify living to conserve for the winter. This is also a time of the year where many Wiccans choose to eliminate negativity, bad habits, and work on self-healing. Set goals, prioritize your tasks, and cut back on clutter.

🎃For your altar during this Sabbat:🎃

✨Cloth colors: orange, red, copper, brown, gold
✨Candles: gold, orange, white, black
✨Herbs/Plants: gathered natural nuts and fallen fruits (acorns, fall leaves, seeds, husks ← perfect for corn dolls)
✨Stones & Crystals: clear quartz, amber, cat’s eye, peridot, yellow topaz
✨Sabbat Decorations: feathers (without harm coming to bird), fall fruits, gourds, nuts. Divination tools like crystal balls and tarot card decks (especially Samhain themes)

Pictures of ancestors, those who have passed.

Rituals: Divination, Ancestor rituals/spells, invoking 🔮

Crafts: consider making corn dolls, crafts out of fallen fruits and tree nuts, photo frames for ancestors, ritual oils specific for divination and spiritual work.

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