This is the first full moon after the harvest. It is also known as a the Hunter’s Moon, Full Moon. The time following the harvest in older traditions involved killing livestock and storing them during the winter months, thus, Samhain is often notated as the “blood harvest” which refers more to the sacrifice of the hunt rather than ritual sacrifice which is stigmatized. The name blood moon is also referenced to the time of the killing of livestock.

Learn more about the different phases of the moon and their nicknames HERE.

🌟Witch Tip: This is the time where the entire moon surface is illuminated by the sun. This is the time where you can draw the most power and energy from the moon. Invoke, work with divination, psychic messages, ancestors rituals. The veil is the thinnest this time of the year, and the energy of this moon will give you the boost you need.

🌕Ritual for Full Moons:
•Drawing Down the Moon (usually within covens)
•Other Full Moon Rituals
•Money Spells
•Love Spells
•Spells to Kick habits and bad energy

Herbs: Pennyroyal, thyme, catnip, angelica root, burdock
Flowers: calendula petals & marigold
Stones & Crystals: Opal, Tourmaline, turquoise
Colors – orange, gold, brown, green, Dark blue-green

✨I suggest writing your own full moon spells. The full moon gives off so much energy that you really want to capitalize on that energy to bring about the effects you want.

✨Remember when casting spells to: visualize your intent (what do you want to gain?), engross yourself in your surroundings and really feel, taste, smell, etc. your environment, repeat the spell (chant it) forcefully and with belief in your speech, and use any tools possible to help add to the energy. You may choose to use candles and bells to add to the energy of any herbs, incense etc. Witches’ talismans are always helpful in these cases.

✨Remember to bind your spells. Make sure you mark a beginning and ending to your spells. Example, “As I Will It. So mote it be.”. Just do whatever feels right for you, but be sure to close your spells.

🌟Never get discouraged. If you don’t see results right away, let it be, then repeat any spells if necessary.

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