While the full moon has been blamed for a multitude of bad behaviors, it is only “proven” that the moon has an effect on the Earth in terms of its ties to the ocean (ocean tides, gravity). It is a fact that the moon pulls on the gravity forces around the Earth, therefore affecting ocean tides, but I also believe, as many others do, that these same pulls have an effect on the energy that can be drawn upon during magic and rituals performed during different lunar cycles. It is hard to ignore that animal cycles and harvests tend to be on schedule with moon phasing, such as reproductive cycles. It is probably because of the 28 day lunar cycle, that the moon has been associated with the Goddess due to the menstrual cycle of the woman. Dianic or female based Wiccan traditions may choose to focus on the Esbats for this reason, versus placing a larger emphasis on the Sabbats like traditional Wiccan followers. If you like to work magic on the Esbats (lunar holy days), let this page be a helpful guide to you for practicing magic in accordance with it’s ideal lunar phase.

Why we see lunar phases: The sun reflects light onto the surface of the moon. Depending upon the position of the Sun, the way the light is reflected onto the Moon’s surface is different, and we see different parts of the moon illuminated at different times of the month. We only see one side of the moon always, never the other side, this is because the moon rotates and revolves around the earth at the same time (27.3 days total for each revolution, and each completed rotation).

If you celebrate the Esbats (13 lunar cycles) & either work alone or meet with others to celebrate, I hope this helps.

Okay, now for the good part, the lunar phases and their “witchy” correspondences. Use this guide loosely to help determine what phases are best for the intents/spells you wish to work with.

🌚/🌑New Moon/Dark Moon: NEW MOON → New beginnings, starting over, set intent for self-invention, inspiration, new ideas, new projects, changes that require a renewal of energy or rebirth. (Dark Moon: This is the time to work out any banishing rituals and spells, get rid of negative energy, addictions, etc. This is the time to recognize grief and part with it.

🌒/🌔Waxing Crescent/Gibbous Moon: Moon goddess= Maiden Form. gain, increase. Work on positive intents and transforming yourself. Growing things, healing relationships and love spells. Bring abundance and prosperity into your life and the lives of others.(True for Waxing/1st Quarter)

🌓First Quarter Moon: The energy of this moon is close to that seen during the solar spring equinox. (plant seeds) Growth, friendships and relationships, healing, love magic. Continue to let the Waxing and New Moon spells manifest. Whatever you want to bring into your life and grow, this is the time to focus that intent.

🌕 Full Moon: Goddess = Mother form. consecrating tools, drawing down the moon, full moon rituals, high energy rituals and spells. fertility, stability, powerful spells. Invoking, Deities, banishing, protecting, healing. Any spell work can be accomplished this phase of the moon. If there is only one phase where you can actually make time to do spells, this is the phase to aim for! (Note, the second full moon in a month is known as a Blue Moon, and is a time to be thankful and for divination – March)

🌖/🌘Waning Gibbous/Crescent Moon: Moon in the waning phase → Goddess is in her Crone form. This is the time to clear away, ride yourself, let go of things. Banish, diminish (get rid of things for the long-term over time, versus the right-away effect during a new moon/dark moon). If you want to send something away from yourself, this is the time to do it (Waning/3rd Quarter)

🌗Third Quarter Moon: The energy of this moon is close to that seen during the solar autumn equinox. Continue to let go, clear away clutter, kick habits, rid yourself of past issues, items, etc. Let your waning and full moon spells manifest. This is a time for wisdom and maturity. Banish things that you wish to get through gradually, and over time. Weight loss, bad habits, negative influences. Let go of things that hold you back and hinder you.


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