Incense Correspondences

These are some suggestions for magical correspondences of incense scents. Remember to always use items in the way you see fit. These are guides and may not be the same for everyone.

*vanilla– memory, love, lust, passion, mental boost, joy, fortune.
*strawberry– success, fortune, persuasion, luck, love, friendship.
*sandalwood– protection, healing, purification, negative energy cleansing, meditation, manifesting, mental boost.
*rose– love, friendship, happiness, bathing magick, psychic powers, divination, luck, protection, healing.
*tangerine– strength, energy, joy, prosperity.
*patchouli– money, attraction, prosperity, fertility, lust
*myrrh– cleansing, purifying, healing, protection, spiritual, divine communication
*musk– passion, courage, vitality, self-esteem, sex, love, spiritual, persuasion
*cherry– happiness, love, attract, divination
*blueberry– blessing the home, protection
*cinnamon– luck, strength, prosperity, boosts to crystal charging + other incense blends or spells, peace, protection, spirituality, success, healing, power, love, luck, money, psychic powers
*frankincense– consecration, positive energy, success, cleanse, purify, protection, meditation
*coconut– protect, purify, chastity, inner peace + clarity, sexual attraction
*honeysuckle– success, money, persuasion, confidence, intuition, health, luck, psychic powers
*lotus– peace, meditation, 3rd eye, love, protection, psychic boost, spiritual
*copal– love, purification, spiritual, protect, repel negative energy
*jasmine– love, success, spiritual, 3rd eye, moon magic, divination, charging crystals, attraction, dreams, money, luck, prosperity
*lavender– love, protect, heal, sleep, purify, peace, tranquility
*dragons blood– repel negative energy, exorcism, love, psychic, protect, purify, boost spells
*lemon grass– psychic boost + cleanse, lust
*sage– purify self/area, cleansing, protection, grief, mental boost, healing, health (physical, mental, emotional), repel negative energy,
*aloe vera– protect, luck, fortune, love, spiritual, strength
*lemon– cleansing, spiritual boost, purify, love, lust, repel negative energy
*nag champa– meditation, most general uses, spiritual boost, grounding
*pine– heal, fertility, protect, exorcism, money
*peppermint– purify, sleep, love, heal, psychic
*raspberry– protect, love healing

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