How To Use Intention Oils & Sprays

How To Use Intention Oils & Sprays

My oils are artfully and thoughtfully crafted to improve aspects of your life with it's daily use. In general, scented oil and floral waters have been used for many years to anoint the body, as offerings to deities or spirits, and many more uses. The sense of smell is a powerful way to draw out emotions, memory, capture attention, and leave little notes of your intention where you place it. Each oil in my shop contains herbs, scents, roots, minerals, and oils that lend themselves to your intention. The essence of ritual oils is to use them in a way that reminds you of what your desires are. Scent is one of the few things you can take with you anywhere.

The way you actually apply the oils will vary based on your intent (goal). When you are using to bring something physical to you (such as protection/healing/emotional) you anoint the body in places like the forehead, pressure points, along the collar. You can also use your oils to anoint talismans or bracelets you may wear daily, you can add a few drops to your hair and use your fingers to massage it in while focusing on your intention, add a bit of oil to your favorite lotion and wear that way, etc.

  • For Money: you might anoint your wallet or bills that you keep in your wallet, your cash registers if you are a business owner (or the 4 corners of the space you make money in if you work from home), while dressing candles for success, money, add a few drops to your money bath or money bowls daily, dressing ancestor money prior to burning. The combinations are endless.
  • For protection: you definitely should consider anointing an object you can easily carry with you or place in your car, dress your windows, doorways, door knobs, all while praying from psalms or saying your protection affirmations.
  • For cursing someone: you can use your oils on their personal concerns, photos, black candles, or something you know they will touch.
  • For attracting love: anoint yourself while saying affirmations of love and then meditate to reach that state of feeling that you are loved and your love is manifesting right here before you. Carry that air of a person in love with you everywhere you go and you will become magnetic. Dress candles or even anoint your partner.

If you order a spray versus a ritual oil, the way that you use that will vary a bit from regular oil. First, if you are going to use intention sprays to set intentions on objects such as candles, do not spray over an open flame. Allow the candles to dry completely before you begin your ritual work. You can use your sprays to fill the air in the space around you with your "intention". Think of it as a spray incense... and your spraying yourself or space is a way that you are setting the mood for that intention. You can spray and affirm as many times as you need to throughout your day. Please do patch test on skin for all items before you use (and DO NOT SPRAY your face, eyes, mouth, or sensitive areas.)

You know how you hear people say "It's got that new car smell"? People instantly feel like they have some luxury item or like they are excited to use something for the first time, like they have this clean new shiny thing in their possession. That right there, is what you want your oils to do for you. You want to smell it and think "I smell like money... I smell like a person in love... wow that's a powerful protection aura..." etc. SET THE MOOD babes. ♥

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