Everyday Color uses in magic (not just candles) + Chakra associations

The colors you use play a huge role in your daily practices. For many years, an objects color has been associated with a specific effect, symbol, etc. Learn the associations of color to help maximize your potential and manifestation of magic in your life. While color correspondences vary from person to person, here are some generalizations that I hope act as a magical guide, rather than a rule. For those interested, I have also included the chakra numbers and positions for their perspective colors, where applicable.

Red – passion, courage, strength, emotions, love, physical energy, health, healing, willpower. CHAKRA= 1-ROOT
Orange – energy, attraction, vitality, courage, willpower. CHAKRA= 2-SACRAL
Yellow – intellect, inspiration, imagination, knowledge, communication, confidence, divination, focus, (study success). CHAKRA= 3 SOLAR PLEXUS
Green– abundance, growth, prosperity, employment, wealth, renewal balance, fertility, health, good luck, the goddess, earth. CHAKRA= 4-HEART
Blue– peace truth, wisdom, healing, psychic abilities, protection, peace, home blessing, understanding, water.CHAKRA= 5-THROAT
Violet – spirituality, wisdom, divination, enhancing, devotion, peace, emotions, sleep. CHAKRA= 7-CROWN
White– peace, innocence, purity, cleansing, clarity, truth, spirituality, healing, understanding, illumination.CHAKRA= 7-CROWN
Black – force, stability, protection, absorption, dignity, banish and ridding of negative energy and spirits, transformation, enlightenment.
Silver – wisdom, psychic powers, spirituality, meditation, ward off bad energy and spirits, intelligence, memory.
Gold – strength, self-development, success, health, healing, ambition, finances, understanding, intuition, divination, fortune, working with the divine/deities. CHAKRA= 7-CROWN/3-SOLAR PLEXUS
Brown – endurance, solidity, grounding, strength, balance, concentration, material wealth, home, animal magic, earth/nature.
Grey – stability, contemplation, decision-making, binding, persuasion, compromises, visions, psychic work.
Indigo – emotion, fluidity, insight, meditation, clarity, actualization, spiritual healing, self-development, expression. CHAKRA= 6-THIRD EYE 
Pink – affection, friendship, companionship, romance, awakening, partnerships, spiritual healing, children.

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