Essential Oils in Magic

Here is a list of a few essential oils. Please consult a ritual oil safety guide (link below) for the safety guidelines for different types of essential oils before use.

✨ Bergamot: energy, success, prosperity

✨ Camphor: cleanse, prophetic dreams, sleep, blessings, divination

✨ Cedarwood: divination, spiritual awareness, deities, rituals

✨ Cinnamon: psychic abilities, healing, success, luck (pretty much able to boost power of others as well)

✨ Clary Sage: cleanse thoughts, focus, dreams

✨ Clove: protect, courage, banish energy, cleanse, working with auras

✨ Dragons Blood: purify, rituals, love, passion, protection

✨ Eucalyptus: healing and purification

✨ Frankincense: stress relief, meditation, spiritiual boost

✨ Ginger: love, sex, healing, money

✨ Jasmine: luck, intuition, creativity/inspiration, sensuality, love

✨ Lavender: healing, cleansing, anxiety

✨ Lemon: consecration, healing, health

✨ Lemongrass: psychic awareness, healing, purity

✨ Myrrh: Third Eye, meditation, spiritual awareness, psychic boost, divination

✨ Niaouli: protection, psychic protection, healing

✨ Nerouli– sex, happiness, purify

✨ Patchouli: prosperity, lust, physical energy

✨ Peppermint: banishing negative energies, self-purification, ritual/spell-work, deities, focus

✨ Rosemary: longevity, focus, mental boost, money

✨ Sage: cleanse, consecrate, purify, protect, self-purification, banish negative energy

✨ Sandalwood: cleansing, banish energies, balance (ying-yang), energy reset

✨ Sweet Orange: self-purification, depression, mental health, healing, joy, reset physical energy

✨ Tea Tree Oil: Depression, physical health (anti-bacterial properties)

✨ Vanilla: love, lust, energy boost, mental focus, passion

✨ Ylang-Ylang: happiness, anger, sexual attraction


Essential oil Safety guide by Young Living :

Essential Oil Safety guide by DoTerra:


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