Candle Color Correspondences

Hi everyone!  I'm going to start migrating my correspondence pages over from tumblr to this blog so that you can access them easier and directly find what you are looking for. Always keep in mind that correspondences are unique to everyone and vary based on path, practice, personal connections, traditions and more. Any of the information I share is for educational purposes only, and is never meant to offend, deter, or declare. <3 Blessed Be.

  • Red– Fire Element, healing, love, sex, passion, courage, protection, fertility, strength, courage, will power, exorcism, lust, anger, energy, blood moon.
  • Pink– friendship, love, compassion, romance, good energy, peace, emotional healing, nurturing, attract affection, feminine, family.
  • Orange – passion, emotions, attraction, energy, physical vibrancy, work/career, prosperity, success, legal matters.
  • Yellow – divination, communicating, astral projection, intellect/focus, confidence, Air Element, visualizing, study/school magic, consciousness, creativity, attraction, persuade, memory boost, mental wellness, uniting, solar energies.
  • Green– Earth Element, The Goddess, money, prosperity, career, fertility, healing, growing, gain, plant magic, luck, anti-envy, block jealousy, earth magic, goals and ambitions
  • Blue– Water Element, healing, peace, patience, psychic powers, happiness, sleep/insomnia, loyalty, tranquility, peace, truth magic, intellect, protection, fortune, prophetic dreams, communicating, creativity, (light blue- healing, peace related, dark blue- healing, psychic/mental related).
  • Purple– Power, healing, divination, spirituality, meditation, religion, “Spirit Element” for some, use with blue, house blessing, persuasion, third eye, knowledge.
  • White– Purity, cleansing, healing, “All Colors”, Moon magic/lunar, Can be used in place of all other candle colors if needed, balance, protection, spirituality,, clairvoyance, consecrate, exorcisms, divination, the goddess, third eye, peace, truth, strength.
  • Black– negativity, absorption of energy, “absence of Color”, new beginnings, new moon, anti-hexing, kicking habits, addictions, mental illness, healing, binding, repel, meditation, scrying, psychic boost, banishing.
  • Brown– animal magic, Earth magic, plant magic, invocation, concentration, mental boost, familiars, friendship, home blessing, balance, intellect, success, locator spells.
  • Gold– astronomy, divination, luck, money, prosperity, the horned God, solar energy, solar gods, power, happiness, attraction
  • Silver– banish negativity, balance, psychic powers, consciousness, The Goddess, Earth Mother, cleansing, meditation, influence and persuasion.

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