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See what my Etsy Customers Have been saying! (I am migrating to my own website to help save on the etsy fees, so please consider purchasing directly from small businesses websites when you have the chance.)

I have
sensory issues & when I find products/a shop that I connect with,
well you have just found yourself a customer for life! I'm a repeat
customer because she is consistent, talented & the products work.
This full moon oil is beautiful to look at and work with. Shipped fast
& packaged w/care. Thank you Hedge & Hag.

- A Loyal Lifelong Customer (etsy)

Absolutely beautiful! Very pleased as Iā€™m a baby witch and am also trying to grow my hoard of items. Just perfect!

Christine (Etsy Customer)

Very happy with my order. I got the medium mystery box, mixed intent, and it came with a nice assortment of herbs, candles, and other items, including a nice oil/perfume bottle and a moon oil. Wish I had thought to take a pic. Would order again.

Mandi (Etsy Customer)

Queen of Mystery Kits! You never fail me šŸ˜‚šŸ˜ thank you so so much! I love everything I received!

Kim (Etsy Customer)

It arrived way quicker than I was expecting and I love the items in it!! All of it is immediately going on my altar and adding the pages of info to my Book of Shadows!!

Olivia (Etsy Customer)

OH MY GOSH!!!!! These stones are sooo beautiful, so worth the money as well! I will be purchasing from this shop from now on! I cannot express
enough of how gorgeous they are!

Kailey (Etsy customer)

I can feel all the pent up negative energy wash away whenever I put this on. I also added drops to a bottle to spray my room and towards people who need it LOL!

Soledad (Etsy customer)